Generate a HTML5 Framework with SwitchToHTML5

Use Doctype? (doctype declaration isnt required by html5)
CDN: Google:
CDN: jQuery:
Minify jQuery?
Stylesheet (if unsure, leave as default)
Locale (if unsure, leave as default)
Charset (if unsure, leave as default)
Website Title
Elements (+/-)
Use <section>?
Use <header>?
Use <nav>?
Use <article>?
Use <aside>?
Use <footer>?
Use <small>?(for smallprint)
Use <mark>?(for highlighted text)
Use <figure>?(for images)
Figure Image:
Use <figcaption>?
Figure Caption:
Optional Content (+/-)
Don't Close Tags? (HTML5 doesnt require you to close tags)
Comment Code? (To make using the framework easier)
Add IE Support? Internet Explorer (below ie9) doesnt natively support HTML5
Insert Sample Data? Specify Sample data to appear across the document
Sample #1
Sample #2
Sample #3
Sample #4
Sample #5